Tribal is the thirteenth episode of the first season finale of Instinct which was aired on July 1, 2018. It was written and directed by Michael Rauch.

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Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of a junior editor in Joan's editorial, that just landed a true history book she believed would be a best-seller. Dylan finds out Lizzie slept with Julian. Andy and Dylan have an appointment with a social worker regarding an adoption.

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  • Michael B. Silver as Detective Kanter Harris
  • Danny Mastrogiorgio as Detective Anthony Fucci
  • Stephen Rider as Zack Clark
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Joan Ross
  • John Mainieri as Detective Jimmy Marino

Guest Edit

  • Paton Ashbrook as Kristy
  • Terrence Mann as John Whitehead
  • Babak Tafti as Max
  • Judith Ivey as Social Worker Sheila
  • Roderick Hill as Bobby Concannon
  • Gabriel Ebert as Richard Brophy
  • Lynne Winstersteller as Sondra Conrad
  • Timothy D. Stickney as Eric
  • Zoe Sophia Garcia as Woman at AA Meeting
  • Rebecca Watson as Eleanor
  • Ben Livingston as Chuck Conrad
  • Kristin Villanueva as Woman at Apartment

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