Owned is the seventh episode of the first season of Instinct which was aired on May 6, 2018. It was written by Jill Abbinanti directed by Doug Aarniokoski.

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Dylan and Lizzie are under pressure to deliver results when they investigate the death of Jasmine’s friend, the owner of a professional basketball team who died when her car went off a bridge.

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  • Michael B. Silver as Detective Kanter Harris
  • Danny Mastrogriorgio as Detective Anthony Fucci
  • Alejandro Hernandez as Detective Rafael Sosa
  • John Mainieri as Detective Jimmy Marino

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  • Stephen Sable as David Wu
  • Kate Arrington as Abby Wright
  • Peter Hermann as Russell Wright
  • Gareth Keegan as Billy
  • Jenelle Chu as Lia
  • Matt Wood as Justin
  • Lilli Cooper as Marie
  • Alma Cuervo as Marisol
  • Eston Fung as Restaurant Waiter
  • John Herrera as Reverend
  • Maceo Oliver as Security Officer
  • Charlie Semine as Steve Rizzo
  • Ito Aghayere as Tammy Sarkeysian
  • Rodney Richardson as Tom “Tomahawk” Sarkeysian
  • Lev Gordon as Uri Marshak
  • Neil Starkenberg as Waiter
  • Chuck Nice as Ryan
  • Philp Hoffman as Professor

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