I Heart New York is the fourth episode of the first season of Instinct which was aired on April 8, 2018. It was written by Michael Rauch directed by Constantine Makris.

Summary Edit

Dr. Reinhart and Detective Needham are reassigned to a murder case in Central Park when their investigation into a chemical attack on the subway is taken over by an FBI team led by Dylan’s estranged father, Roger. However, Dylan can’t shake the feeling that the cases are related

Cast Edit

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Recurring Edit

  • Danny Mastrogiorgio as Detective Anthony Fucci
  • Michael B. Silver as Sgt. Kanter Harris
  • Alejandro Hernandez as Detective Rafael Sosa
  • Andrew Polk as Doug the M.E.
  • Sarita Choudhury as Mayor Meyers

Guest Edit

  • John Doman as Roger
  • Jay Klaitz as Pete
  • Luke Robertson as Kyle
  • David Aron Damane as Conductor Johnson
  • Keith Pillow as Detective Marks
  • Jim Bracchitta as Donald
  • Andrew Richardson as Driver
  • De’adre Aziza as Ellen
  • Shay Vawn as Grace
  • Tommar Wilson as Ken
  • Anthony Gaskins as Uni
  • Kevin Porter Young as Fire Inspector
  • Elliott Fullam as Young Dylan Reinhart

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Broadcast Edit

  • This episode was aired on April 8, 2018.
  • On its first airing this episode attracted 8.1 million viewers.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being credited, Naveen Andrews do not appear.
  • Dylan and Andy are kissing and holding hands outside of NYC.

Quotes Edit

Robber: I'm not a bad guy. I just...I work this line. I grab things when I can.
Dylan: You pick dead people’s pockets. Don't sell yourself short. You sound like a wonderful guy.
Dylan: I love when this happens.
Lizzie: When what happens?
Dylan: When I might be wrong. It keeps me on my toes. Maybe this is about drugs.
Lizzie: Oh, I give this burst of humility about 3 seconds.
Dylan: Except I don’t think this is about drugs.
Lizzie: Oh, 2 seconds.
Dylan: He could be the Doogie Howser of murderers... (Dahne)
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