Flat Line is the sixth episode of the first season of Instinct which was aired on April 29, 2018. It was written by Tracy Barfield directed by Laura Belsey.

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Dylan and Julian go undercover in a hospital when they suspect an “angel of death” is killing people with non-life-threatening ailments. Also, Lizzie asks Andy for his legal expertise when a personal trainer sues her for accidentally injuring him.

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  • Danny Mastrogiorgio as Detective Anthony Fucci
  • Michael B. Silver as Sgt. Kanter Harris

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  • Tracee Chimo as Becca
  • Jimmy Palumbo as Traub
  • Joe Holt as Derek
  • Brian Lee Huynh as Doctor
  • Brian Hutchison as Dr. Walters
  • Daryl Paris Bright as Efficient Nurse
  • Abdel Gonzalez as Delivery Man
  • David E. Gregory as Jeff
  • Tiffany Villarin as Margot
  • Laura Sohn as Millenial
  • Dena Tyler as Nurse Albany
  • John Dossett as Reilly
  • Paco Lozano as Radiology Tech
  • Jason Kravitz as Theo
  • Shawn T. Andrew as Uni
  • April Mathis as Vanessa

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